Turkish Cuisine: Amazing Recipes

Due to the long history of the Ottoman Empire, where many cultures and peoples interacted, Turkish cuisine has many unique characteristics. Turkish cuisine is known for its delicious recipes, its diversity, and the interest it has in old foods that were passed down from their ancestors.

The Turks uniquely prepare many dishes, including Turkish kofta; bulgur with chicken; Turkish Pizza; panorama. Daoud Paha is the originator of the Iskender Kebab. We will also learn about Turkish accuracy and how to make defects, Byormas, and kebabs.

The Turkish cuisine is rich in variety and has a long history. It attracts tourists from around the globe, as the cuisine combines different food cultures. Visitors can taste the unique dishes in this remarkable cuisine.

Turkish food’s origins are unimportant, as it is different from state to state. We find Ottoman influences in the Turkish cuisine of Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmir, and European powers in the Black Sea region, including the cities Kastamonu and Duzce, and Arab influence in southern Turkey in Gaziantep and Mardin.

Turkish breakfast includes bread, semolina, cheese, olives, sausages, pastrami, tomatoes, cucumbers, and honey.

Burek is a type of dough cooked in an oven or boiling oil. It contains cheese, meat, or vegetables. The burek is sold as fast food in the market and comes in many shapes. However, the twisted body is the most popular.

Turkey’s main lunch staples are beef, lamb, and chicken. Turkish cuisine is based on essential ingredients such as eggplant, green peppers and onions, garlic, rice, tomatoes, lentils, and rice. To prepare the stomach for the main meal, soup is usually served at lunch. This is to help the stomach digest the food.

On trips, barbecue parties and meat cooked on charcoal are often held. Home kebabs are served in different ways and on various vegetable dishes. The cities where kofta is specialized in Turkey are well-known for their types.

In Turkish cuisine, rice is an essential ingredient. Its preparation differs. Rice is cooked with tomatoes, meat, chickpeas, or even chicken.

Some people eat meat, eggs, and cheese for breakfast, while others eat them at lunch. It all depends on what each individual wants to eat. One of the most popular Turkish foods is Chikofta or Cigkofte in Turkish. It is a light food that is delicious and easy to digest.

Enjoying this kofta any time is also possible since it is served with fresh parsley and lemon juice on a lettuce leaf. Remember to add Ayran Milk to it, giving it a delicious taste.

The Most Famous Turkish Dishes

Turkish Kebab

The most popular type of Turkish kebab is made of minced meat grilled and served with various appetizers.

Doner consists of chicken or veal meat and is placed on skewers to grill. It is then served with rice, salads, and yogurt with garlic.

Iskander Kebab consists of thinly sliced sheep meat. It is served with tomato sauce, yogurt, and sour cream.

Shish Kebab is made of grilled lamb, tomatoes, and spices.

Adana Kebab: minced meat is grilled and served on skewers with hot chili.

Kofta: meatballs or discs seasoned to taste.

Red Lentil Kofta


Four or five cups of water.

1 cup fine bulgur.

Red lentils, 2 cups

Green onions, 5 or 6 sticks.

One medium-sized onion.

Half a bunch of parsley.

Half a cup of olive oil

Red pepper paste and tomato sauce, one tablespoon each

Cumin and red pepper flakes: 1 teaspoon each

Use one teaspoon each of salt and black pepper.


Add the fine bulgur while letting a little liquid remain in the pan.

Stir all ingredients together in the pot. Cover and allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

Add the chopped onion to the hot olive oil and fry it until it is wilted.

Then add the tomato and red pepper paste to the pan and fry them for a few minutes. Remove the paste from the pan and mix in the spices.

Add the fried onion to the mixture and mix it.

Add the chopped parsley, green onions and knead well. Serve in a dish with lettuce.

Spinach Purani


One medium grated Onion

Four tablespoons of yogurt

Spinach, 1 kg

Black pepper and salt

Half a cup of olive oil

Finely chop two cloves of garlic.

For garnish

Butter 2 Tablespoons

Use one teaspoon each of paprika, chili pepper, and paprika.

Pine nuts in a bunch

Butter 2 Tablespoons


Add the garlic and onion to the hot olive oil and fry them lightly. Then add the spinach to the pan and cook it for a few minutes.

Pour the mixture into a serving bowl.

In a small pan, fry the pine nuts until they turn golden. Remove from heat and let them sit until they are golden.

Pour the butter, spices, and salt into the same pan and heat it until it boils. Then pour the mixture over the spinach in a dish and top it with fried pinenuts.

Imam Bayildi


Four eggplants.

Half a cup of water.

Half a cup of olive oil

Sugar, one tablespoon.

Parsley, two tablespoons chopped

Three tomatoes peeled. Cut into cubes.

Add three sprinklings of each: black pepper and sea salt.

Five onions sliced.

Twelve cloves of halved sliced garlic.

Three sliced green bell Peppers


Remove the eggplant from the pulp using a spoon or knife after washing it well.

The eggplant should be fried in a pan with lots of oil and then dried on kitchen paper.

Stir fry the garlic and onions in olive oil for a few minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat and add the black pepper, sugar, salt, and parsley to the pan.

Fill the fried eggplants with the filling from the previous step and arrange them in a layer on a plate.

Add half a cup of water and a little olive oil.

It can be left on low heat for about 15 minutes. Serve the dish warm or cold, depending on your preference.

Pasta Salad With Turkish Sauce


Five hundred grams of spiral pasta in different colors.

Two medium-sized tomatoes, chopped.

Two cucumbers, chopped.

Two medium sweet peppers: one red and one green.

10 Black Olives Without Seeds

White cheese, 1 cup

Turkish sauce

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

Half a cup of white vinegar

Half a teaspoon of salt.

Black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon.

One clove of garlic.

Use 1 teaspoon fine dried thyme.

1/4 teaspoon dried Basil

Oregano, 1/4 teaspoon


On a solid flame, heat five cups of water to boiling.

Add a teaspoon of salt and the same amount of oil to the water.

Boil the pasta in boiling water for no more than 10 minutes to ensure it is fully cooked.

Pour it into the serving dish after filtering it in a colander.

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