Spicy Sofritas Tofu

What I believe is that, on average, I’m 75% with tofu. But I’m 200% on the sofritas, like what you can get at Chipotle and now at home.

In fact, I need to buy food every day.

No burrito or rice bowl, taco, or quesadilla is complete without a pile of saucy, spicy sofritas.

What is Sofritas, First of All?

Chipotle has helped popularize the term “sofritas,” and I believe that many people associate it with spicy tofu shredded or grounded in a tomatoey pepper sauce. At Chipotle, sofritas = tofu.

Wiki says, “Sofrito is a sauce that’s used in Latin American, Spanish, and Italian cooking.” It can be prepared in many different ways, but typically, it is made up of small aromatic ingredients that are sauteed in oil.

So… what’s in Sofritas, then?

Okay, good question.

  • In this case, the first ingredient is TOFU! Main ingredient.
  • Chipotle peppers.
  • Roasted poblanos
  • Garlic.
  • Salsa (shortcut to onions, tomatoes, and rockstar taste)
  • Cilantro

The big flavor players are pureed and then poured over the crumbled and browned tofu. It is then gently simmered until it becomes a delicious, flavorful sauce.


How to Make Sofritas

It couldn’t be simpler! You’re going to do this:

  1. Roast your poblano peppers. This can be done over an open fire or by simply tossing them on a sheet of baking paper and broiling them for a few minutes in the oven until they are blistery. It’s easy peasy.
  2. Blend your salsa, garlic, spices, and blistered peppers in a blender.
  3. Add your spicy sauce to your tofu and scramble it up in a large pan. If you want to thicken the dish, add beans. More plant-based proteins!
  4. These spicy sofritas can be added to a burrito, a bowl of rice, tacos, or even straight from the skillet. We have been known to do this.

Sofritas – How to Eat Them

But don’t just stop at the sofritas.

  • Bowls with pinto beans and fresh guac. If you want to be fancy, add some corn and tomatoes. YUM.
  • Tacos! Tacos!
  • Burritos, like so.
  • Vegan Crunchwraps. YES, I SAID VEGAN CRUNCHWRAPS.
  • What else would you want to do with a casserole of tortillas?
  • Just chips? Cotija because it is so salty. I crumble this stuff on everything.

This is the perfect combination of vegetarian Mexican food that I have ever desired.


  •  One poblano pepper
  •  1 – 3 Individuals can be contacted by calling chipotle pepper Cans in Adobo Sauce (1 for mild/medium, 3 for very spicy)
  •  2 Tablespoons The cheapest way to buy a car is by using the adobo sauce
  •  2 – 3 Cloves You can also find out more about the following:
  •  Two teaspoons Cumin
  •  One teaspoon of chili powder. You can also find out more about smoked paprika
  •  1/2 Your favorite. You can also find out more about the following:
  •  2 Tablespoons Canola oil
  •  Half a teaspoon Salt
  •  1 14 – The ounce Package extra firm tofu


  1. Roasting your poblano: Place the poblano on the gas stove until it is hot and blistery. Alternatively, you can use the broiler setting on your oven, then place the poblano on a baking tray and roast it for 15 minutes each time until it is soft and blistered.
  2. To make a salsa sofritas: In a food processor or blender, combine the poblano pepper, chipotles, and garlic. Add spices. Pulse the ingredients until they form a smooth paste.
  3. To make the sofritas, cut the tofu into thin slices and press it with a towel to remove excess moisture (the dryer the tofu is, the better the sauce will absorb). Heat a small amount of oil on medium-high heat. With a wooden spoon or spatula, break up the tofu. This is a choice of beans or no beans. Add 1/2 cup of water and the sofritas. Stir for 15 minutes until the sauce has a rich color and is slightly thickened. Salt and lime juice can be added to taste. Add water as needed.
  4. Serve in burritos and rice bowls.

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